Costes Restaurant RESERVATION The Michelin-starred Costes restaurant has been awaiting guests since 2008 in the heart of Budapest. Our seven-course tasting menu, created by our chef patron Jenő Rácz, provides a spectacular gourmet experience for fine dining enthusiasts.
Seven-course tasting menu READ MORE Our seasonally changing tasting menu is the product of meticulous preparation work, which, paired with excellent service, creates an unforgettable guest experience.

Costes first opened its doors in 2008 on Ráday Street, known as one of the important  gastronomic centers of Budapest. As a result of two years of hard work, in 2010 we managed to win the title of the country's first Michelin-starred restaurant, which we have proudly and unbrokenly kept ever since.

That is why our special dishes are prepared with heart and soul, only from high-end ingredients, worthy of the highest recognition of gastronomic exclusivity and sophistication. Our dishes are characterized by so-called boho elegance and sometimes avant-garde, sometimes surprising combinations. It is no coincidence that our restaurant is often referred to as the stronghold of Hungarian fine dining based in Ráday street.

So if you would like to take part in an unforgettable gastronomic experience, Costes welcomes you with inimitable, exclusive and tasty dishes!

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The Chef

The patron chef of our restaurant, Jenő Rácz is not only an expert in various culinary techniques, but also a huge fan of them. Despite his young age, he already has a very serious professional background behind him. For years, he learned the craft from the world's best chefs, in the world's most important gastronomic capitals, including London, Copenhagen, Singapore and Shanghai.

For him, his work is a real profession, which he does with all his heart and soul which is also confirmed by countless awards and professional recognitions. His name may be familiar to many, as he also appeared in one of the most popular Hungarian cooking shows (Konyhafőnök) as a mentor and jury member.

The position of head chef in our restaurant is held by Levente Koppány. He worked as a sous chef in our kitchen in 2019, and previously proved his skills in many Michelin-starred restaurants in London.



Our Restaurant

For us, the most important thing is that our guests feel perfect in every aspect during their visit. That is why, in addition to an exclusive culinary experience, we welcome you in an environment that resembles an artistically painted canvas: elegant and timeless, yet pleasant and friendly.

In our restaurant, every table receives exceptional attention and every guest is special. Therefore, the time spent here will be a memory that you will be happy to recall at any time.


Plan your visit!

Our restaurant is the place where quality, elegance and an intimate atmosphere meet. Through our dishes, you can discover the realm of flavors in a pleasant, friendly atmosphere. Allow us to invite you on an exclusive gastronomic trip, where every bite will remind you of a truly special adventure.

Reserve your table today and experience the genuine fine dining experience in a small, intimate setting at a prominent location in downtown Budapest.